Ducati Monster 821 Front & Rear Axle Guard 2016-2020

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Ducati Monster 821  Front & Rear Axle Guard 2016-2020
A pair of front sliders that help protect your bikes for a front fork in case of a low side. 
It allows the fork to slide on the plastic puck instead of the fork itself. 
The installation is a simple bolt-on with the bar going through the axle and one plastic puck on each side. 
Monster 821

- 4 wedges
- 2 x 8x70 bolts
- 1 piece of 8x60 bolt
- 1 piece of 8x50 bolt
- 1 Piece 25 cm spindle
- 1 piece of 30 cm shaft

- Made of impact and scratch resistant plastic material
- The connecting screws are iron.
The bolts are made of the highest grade commercially available.
 The long bar is made of billet aluminum.
Rest assured that you are getting the best material commercially available.
The frame sliders that you will receive will most likely be the ones pictured above. 
Easy to fit.
Equally useful on the road or track, keeps your bike cooler all the time. 
The material is plastic.

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The Ducati Monster 821 Front & Rear Axle Guard 2016-2020 was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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