Waterproof LED Lights

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Product code: LFP003Y1
Number of LED: 3 Pcs
Led power: 1 Watt / Name
Led color: White (~ 5600 Kelvin)
Led luminous flux: 150-170 lumens
Total luminous flux: 450-510 lumens
Lens angle: 50 Degree
Case color: Black
Frame dimensions: 57 * 57 * 57 mm
Insulation class: IP66
Operating voltage: 12-14 Volts
Operating current: 0,35 Amperes
Working power: 4.2W-4.9W
Current limiting unit: Led headlight case inside
Protection guard is included in the price
The case is made of aluminum carved from the block and has no joints. 
Made from aluminum, absolutely stainless.
Painted with electrostatic powder paint. 
Some products have black anodized coating. 
Both methods are resistant to impacts and outdoor conditions.
The glass is 10mm thick transparent acrylic (Plexiglas). Unbreakable.
Silicon used in fixing glass and cable passage channel is a silicon used in automotive industry.
The foot is made of 3mm thick stainless steel (Aluminum in some models) by bending the sheet after laser cutting.
The screws and washers used for the assembly are stainless steel and the black ones are chemically blackened to match the body color. 
Colors other than black are painted in the same color as the case color.
The cable is 2m long.
Designed to operate with 12Volt.
In this model, the CLU (current limiting unit) is inside the LED headlight case. 
Thus, the use of an extra device on the motorcycle was prevented and the electrical connection was facilitated.
The stated price is the set price. 
Content of the package
2 pcs Led headlamp, power led, aluminum case, electrostatic painted
2 Pcs brackets, stainless steel (aluminum on some models), electrostatic painted
2 Pcs M8-16 screw, stainless steel, blacked
2 pcs M8 nut, stainless steel, blackened
2 Pcs M8 washer washer, stainless steel, blacked
2 Pcs M8 spring washer, stainless steel, blackened
4 Pcs M5-20 (Size may vary by model) Screw, stainless steel, blackened
4 Piece M5 (Measure based on model may be changed), washer, stainless steel, blackened
4 Piece M5 (Size may vary by model) with spring washer, stainless steel, blackened
4 Pcs Upgrade tube, stainless steel, blackened
1 Piece Current limiting unit (In some models, led is in headlight case),
2 Meters Cylinder, 125 degrees heat resistant
15 Pcs Cable tie, 15cm, black
1 pcs Installation and operating instructions
Various mstTECH Stickers (Sticker)
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Inventory Last Updated: Oct 20, 2020

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